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WASHINGTON — U. S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s( ICE ) Enforcement and Removal Operations ( ERO ) announced today the arrest of 366 noncitizens during a national operation that ran from Aug. 4 through 25, 2023. Officers focused enforcement efforts on objective criminal noncitizens and objective noncitizens recently removed from the U. S. who reentered the country illegally, precisely, those identified as having a criminal sentence for certain felonies or convictions for other crimes including but not limited to death for hire, manslaughter, sex crimes against children, assault with a firearm, battery, domestic violence, drug trafficking, possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence.

” Our ERO officials continue to promote the apprehension and removal of noncitizens who pose a threat to national security, public safety or border security from the United States — obtaining and reviewing full legal and administrative information and any other investigative information available to take significant law enforcement steps”, said acting ERO Executive Associate Director Corey A. Rate. ” ICE is dedicated to safe, effective protection of our immigration laws, this activity highlights ongoing efforts by our officers to use an organized, rigorous approach to the recognition, location and arrest of those who present a threat to communities we serve”.

Officers prioritized police actions in accordance with the Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law issued by Secretary Mayorkas on Sept. 30, 2021, and reinstituted on June 28.

Those arrested include:

  • A 58 – time – old member of the Dominican Republic in Jersey City, New Jersey, convicted by the Hudson County Superior Court in New Jersey of criminal hands of a controlled harmful substance with intent to distribute heroin in December 2013.
  • A 55 – time – old resident of Guyana in Hollis, New York, convicted by the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn of criminal use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of crime – for – use in December 2008.
  • A 54 – time – old resident of Mexico in Los Angeles convicted by the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles of criminal sexual act with a youngster under 14 years of age and felony failure to file as a sex offender in July 2023.
  • A 52 – time – old resident of Albania in Jacksonville, Florida, convicted by the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida of felony aggravated assault with a rifle and criminal possession of harmful drugs in September 2009.
  • A 48 – time – old member of El Salvador in Clinton, Maryland, convicted by the District Court in Arlington County, Virginia, of felony aggravated physical power victim under 13 years old in December 1994.
  • A 48 – time – old resident of Mexico in Fresno, California, convicted by the Superior Court of California in Fresno of misdemeanor unlawful sexual intercourse with a slight in May 2021.
  • A 45 – time – old resident of Mexico in Chicago convicted by the Cook County Circuit Court of Illinois of criminal aggressive criminal sexual abuse of a baby, felony aggravated kidnapping and misdemeanor child violence in March 2022.
  • A 41 – time – old member of Mexico in Bakersfield, California, convicted by the Kern County Superior Court in Bakersfield of criminal assault with a piece on a person in January 2020.
  • A 37 – time – old resident of Ecuador in Meriden, Connecticut, convicted by the Meriden Superior Court of criminal murder next – level in January 2019.
  • A 36 – time – old resident of El Salvador in Washington, D. C., convicted by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia of criminal next – level child sex abuse in March 2023.

ERO officials evaluate people on a case – by – case basis, assessing the sum of the facts and conditions to make educated check determinations. Those cases conducive to federal fugitive trial can be presented to the U. S. Attorney’s Office. ERO even coordinates with U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to review the status and control of appropriate immigration programs, as appropriate.

ERO detained 46, 396 noncitizens with criminal histories in the financial year 2022. The party had 198,498 related charges and convictions, including a total of 1, 114 theft offenses and 21, 531 assault crimes, 8, 164 counts of sex and sexual assault, and 5, 554 weapons crimes.

The main federal law enforcement agency in charge of private immigration enforcement is ERO, one of ICE’s three operating directorates. The key areas of focus for ERO are internal police operations, management of the agency’s imprisoned and non-detained populations, and repatriation of noncitizens who have received last orders of removal. Its mission is to guard the homeland through the arrest and removal of those who jeopardize the safety of U.S. communities and the integrity of US immigration laws. More than 7,700 law enforcement and non-law police support personnel work for ERO at 25 local area offices, 208 locations nationwide, 30 international postings, and numerous border momentary duty travel assignments.

The general public can report crimes and suspicious activity by calling 866 347 2423 or by filling out the website idea form. To learn more about ERO’s missions and operations, follow us on X, formerly known as Twitter, @ ICEgovERO.

ICE breaking news 366 non-citizens are detained by ERO during a recent national activity. Government Agency News