In order to raise money for the Multinational Security Support ( MSS ) mission to Haiti, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken hosted an event on the margins of the 78th UN General Assembly on September 22. Members talked about the MSS project’s resource needs, the results of the professional evaluation trip led by Kenyans to Haiti in August, and the need for a Chapter VII UN Security Council resolution authorizing the implementation of that goal.

The strategies for an MSS vision, options for aiding the Haitian National Police, and worries about the dire security and humanitarian situation in Haiti were all discussed by representatives from the government and important partners, including Kenya, Ecuador, France, Canada, people of CARICOM.

An MSS objective will receive substantial support from the United States, including logistics, p, airlift, communications, health assistance, and potential funding. We must work together to respond to Haiti’s call because the dire situation in Haiti poses a threat to global peace and security in the area. We rely on the global community to also contribute financing, tools, instruction, and staff. The citizens of Haiti cannot wait much longer, as President Biden stated.