BUT IT’S REALLY GREAT TO SECRETARY BLINKEN. I appreciate you taking the time. Thank you. You have been and continue to be the United States’ staunchest ally on a wide range of issues, including regional and international security as well as security in our own hemisphere with Haiti. Of course, we greatly appreciate the significant actions you have taken to strengthen Kenya’s democracy and to work toward more bolstering the economy. We are eager to discuss that as well.

PRESIDENT RUTO: To began on a good note, perhaps. I appreciate you very little.

Thank you, people. SECRETARY BLINKEN

PRESIDENT RUTO: Thanks for taking part.

Thank you, media. STAFF

SECRETARY BLINKEN: You want to apologize, Mr. President. While our coworkers are also present, do you have something to say?

Student: Oh, let’s just say a few thoughts.

PRESIDENT RUTO: I appreciate you taking part in the climate-Africa Climate conference. Once afterwards, I want to thank you for the filing we had.

BLINKEN, Minister: Yes.

PRESIDENT RUTO: — on MCC monday. Of course, we are here to talk about the how and the nitty-gritty of Haiti so that we can contribute in a helpful way and combine all the efforts to ensure our success.

Thank you, Secrecy Blinken. And once more, your authority that is crucial. As our coworkers are departing, I just want to add that I made a mistake. Anything you’re doing, Mr. President, has been incredible. In my opinion, your management on climate change sets a pretty powerful example, and we continue to be extremely happy that we are powerful partners in that.

MR. RUTO: I appreciate it.