Reunification of Afghan children who remain separated from their parents abroad is a top priority for the Biden Administration.  On September 25, the Department of State announced an updated version of the Family Reunification Form DS-4317.  The updated form allows Afghan parolees under the age of 18, who entered the United States without their parents as part of Operation Allies Welcome, to apply for relocation of their parents and eligible siblings still living overseas.

The United States has an enduring commitment to the people of Afghanistan.  We are steadfast in our efforts to provide information and tools to those individuals seeking to reunite with their family members.  Family reunification remains an extremely high priority for Afghans themselves and for the communities who care about them.

The new version of the Form DS-4317 is located on the Family Reunification page on the Department’s Afghanistan Inquiries page.  For further media inquiries, please reach out to: