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Government Agency News Press release

The below is attributable to Spokesperson Ned Price:

Deputy Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman met today with Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.  The Deputy Secretary and the Foreign Minister discussed Pakistan’s continuing efforts to recover from devastating floods and noted the upcoming January 9 International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan in Geneva.  The Deputy Secretary expressed condolences for Pakistani lives lost in recent terrorist attacks, and they committed to strengthen counterterrorism cooperation between the two nations.  They also spoke about economic, energy, and environmental cooperation.  The Deputy Secretary and the Foreign Minister discussed the Taliban’s deplorable decision to further restrict women’s and girls’ access to education as well as efforts to hold the Taliban to its commitments regarding the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.  The Deputy Secretary highlighted the United States’ strong support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s illegal war of aggression. Press release Deputy Secretary Sherman’s Meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Bhutto Zardari Government Agency News