The United States is taking action against two entities and one individual for their roles in undermining the peace, security, and stability of Sudan.  The Department of State is imposing visa restrictions against other individuals, including Islamists and former regime officials, complicit in undermining Sudan’s democratic transition.

We are imposing sanctions on Ali Karti, Secretary General of the Sudanese Islamic Movement, a hardline Islamist group that actively opposes Sudan’s democratic transition.  Karti was Minister of Foreign Affairs during Omar al-Bashir’s regime.  Following the fall of the al-Bashir regime, Karti led efforts to undermine the former civilian-led transitional government and derail the Framework Political Agreement process.  He and other former regime officials are now obstructing efforts to reach a ceasefire between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces, mobilizing forces to enable continued fighting, and opposing Sudanese civilian efforts to resume Sudan’s stalled democratic transition.

In addition, the Department of State has taken steps this week to impose visa restrictions on individuals believed to be responsible for or complicit in past and current efforts to undermine Sudan’s democratic transition.  This includes Sudanese Islamists and officials of the former al-Bashir regime, as well as other individuals who are working to suppress human rights and fundamental freedoms or engage in other actions that undermine Sudan’s aspirations for democracy.  We will continue to hold to account those who undermine peace and a democratic transition in Sudan.

The Department of State’s steps to impose visa restrictions were taken pursuant to Section 212(a)(3)(C) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, under the policy Secretary Blinken approved in 2022 to target individuals responsible for or complicit in undermining Sudan’s democratic transition.  The Department of the Treasury’s designations were taken pursuant to Executive Order 14098, which targets persons destabilizing Sudan and undermining the goal of a democratic transition.  For more information on these designations, see Treasury’s press release.