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Jaconias Rosa Pereira, 51, was transported to Brazil on June 23 by Enforcement and Removal Operations( ERO ) Boston. Brazil’s Pereira, a citizen and federal who was present illegally, was sought after for murder it.

Todd Lyons, director of the ERO Boston Field Office, expressed his admiration for the soldiers who work tirelessly to protect our society from harmful international fugitives who think they can find safety in the United States. ” ERO Boston may keep identifying, addressing, and eliminating public health threats.”

Pereira entered the country illegally on an unidentified meeting via the southwest border. ERO Boston was informed that Pereira was wanted by Portuguese law enforcement for death in August 2022. On December 28, 2022, in Worcester, ERO Boston detained Pereira without event. Pereira was being held by ERO Boston when he went to a hearing with the Executive Office for Immigration Review ( EOIR ) federal immigration judge, who gave him the final order of removal. On June 23, leaders transported him to Brazil using ICE Air Operations.

In support of ICE industry offices and other U.S. Department of Homeland Security activities, snow Air Operations makes it easier for noncitizens to be transferred and removed using commercial flights and chartered flights. ERO relocated 72, 177 people to more than 150 countries globally in the financial year 2022.

National immigration courts in the immigration judges, which are run by the EOIR of the Justice Department, give noncitizens who are subject to removal transactions their due process. The Department of Homeland Security and ICE are distinct from the EOIR, which is a division of the U.S. Office of Justice. In these authorities, immigration courts base their decisions on the qualities of each unique situation. The treatment rulings made by federal immigration courts are carried out by ERO officers.

ERO detained 46,396 noncitizens with criminal histories in the financial year 2022. There were 198,498 related charges and convictions against this team, including 21, 531 abuse offenses, 8, 164 gender and sexual assault crimes, 5, 554 firearms violations, 1, 501 crimes related to homicide, and 1 114 kidnapping crimes.

Public information about foreign fugitives is encouraged to be shared with ICE by calling 866 347 2423 or regionally at 001 – 1802 872 6199. By filling out ICE’s website idea form, they can even file a suggestion online. Clients may continue to be private.

ERO is the main federal law enforcement agency in charge of domestic immigration enforcement as one of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s ( ICE ) three operational directorates. The key areas of focus for ERO are internal police operations, management of the agency’s imprisoned and non-detained populations, and repatriation of noncitizens who have received last orders of removal. Its mission is to guard the homeland by arresting and removing those who pose a threat to the security of U.S. communities and the integrity of US immigration laws. More than 7,700 law enforcement and non-law police support personnel work for ERO at 25 local area offices, 208 locations nationwide, 30 international postings, and numerous border momentary duty travel assignments.

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