SECRETARY BLINKEN: Good evening. I’m very pleased to welcome Foreign Minister Wang Yi to the United States. I very much look forward to constructive conversations over the next two days.

Mr. Minister.

FOREIGN MINISTER WANG: So brief, huh? (Laughter.)

(Via interpreter) Well indeed, I am visiting the United States at the invitation of Secretary Blinken. China and the United States are two major countries. We have disagreements; we have differences. At the same time, we also share important common interests and we face challenges that we need to respond together.

Therefore, China and the United States need to have dialogue. Not only should we resume dialogue, the dialogue should be in-depth and comprehensive so that with dialogue we can increase mutual understanding, reduce misunderstanding and misjudgment, constantly seek to expand common ground and pursue cooperation that will benefit both sides so that we can stabilize China-U.S. relations and return it to the track of healthy, stable, and sustainable development.

In China-U.S. relations, from time to time there will be some jarring voices. When it happens, China treats it calmly because we are of the view what is right and what is wrong is not determined by who has the stronger arm or a louder voice, but if one behaves in a way that is consistent with the provisions of the three China-U.S. joint communiques, consistent with international law and basic norms of international relations, and consistent with the climate of the times.

We are confident that at the end of the day, facts will (inaudible) everything and history will give its fair verdict. And I want to again thank Secretary Blinken for my (inaudible). I’m sure that our discussion will be constructive and forward-looking.

SECRETARY BLINKEN: I agree with what the foreign minister said. Welcome.