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MR. JACKSON, Miss. In a weeklong operation, Enforcement and Removal Operations ( ERO) New Orleans’ suboffice in Jackson detained seven people who were in violation of the law and poss an immediate threat to public safety.

The efforts concentrated on noncitizens living in Mississippi who had been arrested or found guilty for public health as well as those with a final attempt of treatment and no open appeals.

The following people were detained:

  • A 44-year-old Dominican Republic national who was found guilty of possessing methamphetamine, assaulting a arm, having controlled substances, theft offenses, and assault and weapon violations. He won’t be released until the treatment process is complete.
  • a 25-year-old Nigerian national who has been found guilty of criminal burning. He will continue to be held while operational treatment proceedings are being conducted.
  • A 44-year-old Mexican national who had recently been exiled entered the country illegally and was detained for DUI. He won’t be released until the treatment process is complete.
  • an Honduran resident who was found guilty of drug possession in a high school at the age of 18. She won’t be released until the treatment process is complete.
  • a 29-year-old Mexican national who has been charged with two counts of drunk driving. He won’t be released until the treatment process is complete.
  • a 39-year-old Mexican national who was detained for royal larceny. While elimination trials are being conducted, he may remain in custody.
  • a 45-year-old Mexican national with two convictions for drunk driving, three for domestic violence, fraud offenses, malicious mischief, trespass, and resisting arrest. He was even detained for lustfully touching a child. While treatment trials are being conducted, he may remain in custody.

According to Mellissa Harper, director of the New Orleans Field Office,” ERO NY is focused on smart and effective emigration police that protects members by arresting and removing those who pose a public health threat to our areas.” ” ERO will continue to focus on finding and apprehending people who are currently breaking our laws and breaking the law.”

In order to make educated arrest decisions, ICE officers thoroughly assessed each target individually, taking into account all relevant facts and circumstances. The U.S. prosecutor’s office will receive those situations that are subject to prosecution.

The main federal law enforcement agency in charge of private immigration enforcement is ERO, one of ICE’s three operating directorates. Interior police operations, administration of the agency’s imprisoned and non-detained populations, and resettlement of noncitizens who have received last orders of removal are the main areas of focus for ERO. Its mission is to protect the homeland by apprehending and removing those who pose a threat to the security of American communities and the integrity of U.S. immigration laws. More than 7,700 legislation enforcement and non-law enforcement support personnel work for ERO across 25 local field offices and 208 locations nationwide, 30 outside postings, and numerous temporary work travel assignments along the border.

ERO detained 46, 396 noncitizens with criminal histories in the financial year 2022. There were 198,498 related charges and convictions against this team, including 21, 531 rape offenses, 8, 164 gender and sexual assault crimes, 5, 554 firearms violations, 1, 501 crimes related to homicide, and 1 114 kidnapping crimes.

The general public can report crimes and suspicious activity by calling 866 347 2423 or by filling out the ICE idea form.

ICE breaking news Seven people are detained by ERO New Orleans during a weeklong activity. Government Agency News