SECRETARY BLINKEN: Thank you, Amos. And Ajay, Janet, it’s great to be with you, but mainly to have everyone seated at this board. Since the 1927 New York Yankees, I haven’t seen a more impressive group than this one, so( laughter ). I’m not going to discuss the latest New York Yankees.

We are aware that there is an almost voracious demand for high-quality equipment, as you are all well aware and as we all travel the globe in our own unique ways. Everyday I go, I hear this. And when we use the term” high-quality ,” we don’t just mean the physical quality of the infrastructure that is constructed; we also mean how it is done, the standards for workers and the environment; the need to avoid piling debt on nations that cannot afford it; and so on.

Additionally, the President’s action at the G7, which Amos assisted in spearheading, was intended to try to raise more money in that direction by partnering with G-7 partners. However, it was also based on the idea that governments just cannot and should not accomplish this on their own. Our task is to determine how to create more successful public-private alliances, particularly what to do in situations where it may be difficult to de-risk the assets and scale them up.

And with this website and this extraordinary knowledge, I believe the President really wanted us to be able to listen, learn, and decide how we can do the best work of opening up these areas for expenditure. How can we more efficiently de-risk, collaborate, glance at project pipelines together. and make sure that we are maximizing the impact we’re having in bringing the needed investments to this task.

So this is, in my opinion, the first treatment we’ve had. When we travel to APEC in November, we also anticipate getting along. But since we’re determined to make this work, the real goal is for us— including me — to listen and learn.

By 2027, we promised to mobilize$ 600 billion. The G7 colleagues who are involved in this include the United States. The United States has already mobilized about 30 billion dollars, and other colleagues have added to that number. However, this won’t work unless there is the strongest possible public-private agreement and the government is making every effort to ensure that we are creating the right kinds of environments in which investment you proceed.

I’m eager to hear from you all about that. Janet.