Recently, the Department of Defense announced grant awards totaling up to$ 53 million to 13 organizations under the National Defense Education Program( OUSD ) for Research and Engineering ( R & E ). The grants provide funding for the Manufacturing Engineering Education Program, STEM learning initiatives, plans for civil society, and Enhanced Civics Education initiatives of the NDEP.

According to Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu, the United States needs its second century to become civic-minded, technically savvy, and eager to meet the challenges of the twenty-first era. ” These prizes are investments in our national ability base, aimed at preserving our country’s technical, financial, and military advantage.”


To better place the production workforce to create defense systems and components that ensure modern superiority for DoD, MEEP is funding three-year grants that establish programs or improve existing programs.

    Defense Engineering Education Program: Enhancing Results in Optics( DEEPER OPS ) at Monroe Community College( Rochester, New York)

  • Future Additive Interdisciplinary Manufacturing ( FAIM ) at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University( Blacksburg, Virginia)
  • ” Manufacturing Certification 2 Degree Consortium ( C2D)” from the Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of Arizona State University( Tempe, Arizona)
  • ” A Scalable Semiconductor Manufacturing Education and Outreach Program” by Spark Photonics Foundation, Inc.( Waltham, Massachusetts )

Plans IN STEM Fellowships

For individuals planning to do research jobs in science, technology, executive, or algebra( STEM ) fields, the following four – to five-year provides support scholarship applications.

    Applied Research and Innovation Scholarship for Engineering Students in Advanced Aerospace Technologies, AI, and Cybersecurity ( ARISE ) at Kansas State University( Manhattan, Kansas)

  • ” Identifying, Encouraging, and Financially Supporting the Next Generation of the STEM Research Workforce ,” says Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation( Alexandria, Virginia ).


The subsequent three-year grants offer improved civics knowledge in subjects like critical thinking, press literacy, and interest in public support.

    ” Civics Education for the 21st Century” by Johns Hopkins University( Baltimore, Maryland)

  • ” Democracy Quest ,” Indiana University ( Bloomington, Indiana ) trustees.
  • ” Educating for American Democracy: A National Program for Civic Educator Professional Development ,” said President and Fellows of Harvard College( Cambridge, Massachusetts ).
  • ” Strengthening American Democracy by Bridging Divides ,” University of Montana( Missoula, Montana )


A pilot program for improved civics education was to be implemented by OUSD( R & E ) under Section 234 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020. The next generation of frontrunners and thinkers will be better equipped to comprehend the U.S. state and their responsibilities as members thanks to the offers that will last for one to two years.

    Scaling a Model That Works: Civics, Service, and Leadership(” iCSL’) by Education Development Center, Inc.( Waltham, Massachusetts )

  • Supporting Readiness through Vital Civic Empowerment( SRVCE ) Phase 2: Synergizing Civics and STEM through Teacher Learning, according to iCivics, Inc.( Cambridge, Massachusetts ).
  • Thinking Master: Enhancing Civics Education, American Institutes for Study( Arlington, Virginia )

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Regarding USD( R & E )

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