In order to support Iran’s unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV ) and military aircraft industries, the United States is currently designating a network of 11 people and organizations spread across four nations.

In support of the Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company’s( HESA ) UAV and military aircraft production, this network is in charge of procurement and maintenance activities. Iran’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics designated HESA as being under their ownership or control in September 2008. Three people who are based in the Islamic Republic of Iran, two people and one person in China, three people whose homes are in Russia and Türkiye are part of the network.

The Middle East is unstable as a result of Iran’s UAV purchasing, development, and development, which also helps Russia wage an unwarranted and unwarranted battle against Ukraine. The United States will continue to employ all available means to thwart these work, and it will collaborate with allies and partners to hold Iran accountable for its deeds.

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